A logo is just a petty image, but it is the visual trigger to influence customer’s mind. It has the inert ability to have a deep connection with emotions. As logos are the most recognizable asset for brands, they beef up brand’s personality and value. And by now you may have known the importance of logos, designs and its concepts through your research but the array of information seems to be overwhelming to make our brains explode. Getting a right brand-logo fit for your business is the painstaking part. To demystify the provoking countless ideas from our mind and to choose a right logo, we need to stick to the core essentials of logo design, they are.

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Ageless
  • Versatile
  • Relevant

The objective of the logo is to help your brand to be distinctive, appropriate, simple, practical and delivers the intended message.


A simple and clean design makes your logo recognizable & memorable. Confusing and distracting design have difficulties getting into people’s mind.


A quick recognition reduces a lot of work for the mind to remember. Quick recognition of design always increases the chance for us to stay on top of people’s mind.


The logo should be as fresh as it is now, over time. An effective logo can stand for 10, 20 or 50 years. It brings out the uniqueness of its design.


Without losing its value, the logo can be effective in a variety of media and applications. A scalable logo can adapt to different sizes from a postage stamp to large billboards.


Is it relevant to your Target audience? A logo should produce the lingo of your audience.
Choosing a right logo, period, without any hiccups drawn from the quality of its development process. Following a right process will ensure the combined many elements of the final design put together into a good one. To ease the difficulties involved, we have developed two phases of Logo development. They are RRC (phase 1) and RRD (phase 2). The first phase is the most important phase of the logo development process, it sets the right path to create a unique logo.

Phase 1:

RRC -Research, Refer, Concept

Research, Refer

RRC- Concept


Conducting a research focused on your field or industry reveals the history and positioning of your competitors. It emphasizes the exact look and feel of a logo. Figuring out what’s there gives you a broader view to differentiate from the existing ones. For example, the Restaurant logo is very much different from a healthcare services logo where restaurant logos are more appealing and healthcare logos are more of comfort.


Do some research on successful logos and figure out the critical similarities, styles, and trends which are related to your business. This step will help your logo in longevity.


Develop the logo concept(s) around your key takeaways from your research. Since this is the critical step in logo development process, we just need to be creative and inspired. Now it’s time to pick your pen and paper because it’s easier to put your ideas on paper than getting your hands on digital screens. Sketching helps your creative juices flow, then your idea evolves to becomes an automatic response. Once you start with your idea of ‘sketching first’ on paper, I’m sure you’ll love to do that every time. If you find it difficult to do this step, hiring a Graphic designer is a good idea to get the right logo.

Phase 2:

RRD -Reality check, Revise, Digitize

RRD- Reality check, Revise, Digitize
Reality check-Revise-Digitize

Reality check:

Taking breaks throughout the design process is as important as getting feedbacks from right people. This is a fruitful step in the design process where you kindle your enthusiasm and your ideas to mature. Getting feedback is the reality check from right people(designer, target customers, friends, etc.) which ensures progress on your creation.


Sometimes it may be a little tweak which makes a lot of difference but it absorbs extra hours to make critical revisions to the logo. Try more versions of your logo with different sizes, colors schemes and fonts with Adobe Design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). Be thoughtful on each revision which helps your logo fits the need of your brand quickly. Choosing the right logo is the key in this step, so make as many revisions until you find the right fit.


It’s time to launch your logo after your creative hustle. Digitizing is the key to getting your brand identity to target audience quickly, sooner or later we will get right responses for your logo to prevail. Publish your logo on all digital mediums such as website, social media channels, business cards, email letterhead, e-proposals, Content marketing materials etc. This step will help your brand to create a strong online presence with your brand identity.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the process of creating a right logo for your business. We will catch you soon with even more key Insights and Methodologies to help your brand. Thanks, stay tuned !!!

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