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Before running your thoughts on who I’m and What I do, let’s hit the pause button for a second and get straight to the point. I’m not yet ‘another Brand Marketing Consultant in the Stockpile’ and i don’t make false promises to attract businesses. As a Brand Marketing Consultant rendering strategic solutions for Brands and Businesses, I believe in real outcomes in this real world. Turning the table for the Businesses to transform into Brands and Brands into icons are my core specialities. I’m driven by the passion to help your business move ahead of your competitors possessing great Brand Identities and values with ever growing leads, sizeable revenue and optimising brand presence in this Marketing environment.

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Since we live in a world of Digital Brand Experience today, going digital is the ultimate need for any business. The honeymoon is over for a brand without a strong web presence. A website without Digital branding and marketing is like ‘running the engine without oil’. Sometimes this digital world can be utterly confusing and some digital tech jargons can make your head explode. When you've right people with you, your business life becomes much easier.
I’m Karthick, Brand Marketing consultant, and Business Strategist. I’ve led the marketing of distinctive businesses being a Head of Marketing at three agencies, I delivered successful Brand Marketing strategies across few industries. I helped businesses steer through to another level and to get the desired outcomes in their bottom line. After a hard learning period of failures and successes as a brand marketing consultant, I follow few strategic approaches to Brands which actually works. 
Being accompanied by the core idea of insightful and innovative bespoke solutions, your Brand marketing consultant K will keep things very simple and clear to best position your Brand both in Online & Offline marketplace. I don’t stop with only as a brand marketing consultant, I will ensure your business achieve its objectives in the marketplace. As a Brand marketing consultant, I help my clients to identify and solve their market needs and challenges. Whether it's to remake an existing identity or to a make strategic build-up to your brand, as a Brand marketing consultant my goal is to help clients craft brands that stand for something and ultimately stand out from the competition.
Brandhacker K will enhance the relationships you have with your customers by improving the way you communicate, collaborate and top the charts with the experience your customers have with your brand. By making this Brand marketing consultant - a core part of your business growth team, you will reduce the amount of time, money and energy spent on developing and managing your brand. This enables you to gain 10,000 hours worth of experience as a brand marketing consultant over the years.
Are you looking to brand or market your Small business, Startup or agency? I can help.
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I love working with people like you to build your brand and your business. Having a cohesive knowledge and handful of experience in Strategic brand marketing, Let me help you to nourish and grow your business. Tell me where you belong.
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